The piano sound is not always satisfactory, I find it too “metal” too “disco”, unlike any other keyboard in this price range. Not satisfied with those reviews? In most cases, a product is unavailable because it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The GM sounds are a nice addition, and in the end you get something like different sounds from this thing – great for a digital piano! This includes heavy and oversized items. Roland FP2 Review , Overall, my initial rating is giving this board a strong 9 since it was purchased primarily as a digital piano with a few extras.

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This one won’t cut out on you.

I can only say that I can’t remember being happier in a very, very long time. On ther other hand the Jazz Organ is a very decent B3 imitation with a little growl.

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The key travel is a foland weak, the rebound is nice for cons. Overall, my initial rating is giving this board a strong 9 since it was purchased primarily as a digital piano with a few extras.


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This affordable instrument comes with an note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, superb piano and instrument sounds and a doland new look with onboard speakers. I found a nice FM Rhodes that will fit perfectly into my setups. Other sounds are more anecdotal. I would be a bit concerned about the end cheeks which are plastic if I was planning to move it allot.

User reviews: Roland FP-2 – Audiofanzine

This organ allows volume control with a foot pedal, has a leslie effect, ro,and a good basic tone! You’ll use the manual. The organ sounds are not bad, to note down the “effects” to trigger the leslie.

Wish there were other units like this produced with a real LCD display, more presets, a little more control over the sounds, new samples these are sufficient but we are in the 21st centuryexpansion card for more sounds and a storage card for patches and sequences why no sequence playback with all the song playback?

Never had to use support, so I have no idea. I do not understand matre a keyboard with no sound, and also with a touch lightweight PSE 22 kilos!

Roland FP2 Review | Harmony Central

On a subjective FP2 I experienced the pleasure to play that I did not find the others. Our gear experts can help!

Will be with me for at least the next ten years. I was looking for a good digital piano affordable and highly portable: I consider it good value. I do not understand something: You’ll still get the trustworthy service you’ve come to expect from zZounds, without paying more for your gear!


Last day of November 6, I go to gig, it 2 o’clock in the morning Great set of features – 64 note polyphony which is essential for piano playing in my opinion – I don’t understand the huge number of “digital Pianos” with only note polyphony!

Roland FP2 Digital Piano with Built-In Speakers

I’m not sure if I got a “defective” FP2 but the keys and action on my board are definitely not the same as in the store. Other sounds of FP2 are more or less convincing: It’s only action I am really comfortable on. Help FAQs Go to top.

It is a little bit confusing to figure out how everything works when you only have a 3 digit LCD display but it is not unreasonably difficult although it is challenging when you try to figure out some of the cryptic codes that are output when you run through all the features. I expect to keep this piano for a long time, as I can’t think of any other features I want. I thought — OK, not bad, wish it were a hair heavier but probably lighter on my fingers.