By default, the driver is built with –without-docs ; And in case if you want the documentation to be taken care in the normal build, then configure with:. Un-check the Save Data With Report option. A continuation of Bug , where functions used in queries that should return non-string types when resolved by temporary tables suddenly become opaque binary strings work-around for server limitation. The second option is to create a dataset in VB. We attempted building against unixODBC and libiodbc libraries and mysql You can cross-check whether you are using the debug or release version of the DLL from the ‘Comments’ section of the driver DLL properties from the system directory, right click on the driver DLL and click on properties as shown below:. Added finalizers to ResultSet and Statement implementations to be JDBC spec-compliant, which requires that if not explicitly closed, these resources should be closed upon garbage collection.

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[MySQL-myodbc] MySQL Connector/ODBC is available! – Grokbase

Setting the configuration property overrideSupportsIntegrityEnhancementFacility to true causes the driver to return true for this method. For example, create a database with a table containing two columns of text:. Usage advisor complains about unreferenced columns, even though they’ve been referenced.


Gets the value of the specified column as a GUID. Gets the number of columns in the current row. Don’t use a table data sheet view.

Use caution if you are modifying the underlying value of the objects returned by methods such as GetValue. Only use double float fields. The following table shows some recommended option values for various configurations:. All parameters need the parameter direction defined. This also means that you will not be able to test applets from your local file system, you must always deploy them to a web server. By default, it is localhost.

Fixed InternalConnection to not use session. After defining parameters, call the stored procedure by using the MySqlCommand.

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Refer to this document about connection pooling: There are some caveats with this approach. However, primary key information will not be included in the implicitly created schema unless the MissingSchemaAction property is set to AddWithKey.

Advances the data reader to the next result, when reading the results of batch SQL statements. Gets the name of the MySQL server to which to connect. On the other hand, you can overcome this error by using adUseClient.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51

Fixed Bug mysqlcommandbuilder fails with multi-word column names. Provides a means of reading a forward-only stream of rows from a MySQL database.


A statement that contained multiple references to the same parameter could not be prepared. Fixed IllegalAccessError to Calendar.

XADataSource implemented ported from 3. The disadvantage of this approach is that additional work must be performed within your application to produce a dataset that matches the one expected by your report.

If not, configure accordingly. When you run the preceding example code, you should get the following output: Attempting to create a parameter that obc not input throws an exception thanks Ryan Gregg. MySQL closes connections after 8 hours of inactivity.

Unless otherwise noted, properties can be set for a DataSource object or for a Connection object. You will be able to browse your database and choose tables and fields using drag and drop to build your report. The Debug version of the driver is used. Old passwords in 4.

Fixed client-side prepared statement bug with embedded? You can get the patch for this from http: Bug – MySqlDataReader.