The file you want to modify is fw. Here is a graphic to explain:. The boot animation unlike the DAH, there are 2 different animations for the boot and the switch off sequences , 6 frames:. Find inside the firmware the image you want to change, and the exact position of its bytes see below for some already determined ones , with a Nokia viewing tool like FlashView v1. Views Read Edit View history. These are the animated menus. You can download it here.

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The tool is based on the There are many more. Source included, and copyright-free so you can modify it as much as you want.

Start with this one as it’s the easiest:. I coded another small tool just for myself, to automatically extract all the thousands of images present in the Mobiblu DAHi firmware. They are both Kb long, exactly bytes long. Guillermito Cube Mod v3. It looks like people don’t like hexadecimal editors, so I’ve created a first tool with a graphical interface for Windows Guillermito Cube Mod v1source included for easy change of the boot logo for the DAHi Cube the one sold in Walmart in the US.

The images are far away. Of course, my earphones are high-quality and noise-cancelling Etymotic ER Navigating your songs is done using the file system which users create on the player when it is operating as a USB storage device. In other words, the font. I changed the embedded images to make, at least on the surface, a customized version of my cube.

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You can also send me your animations or images if you want to share them, I may later add a list on this page. You can change many more things that don’t necessarily fit in the 64×48 mobibku full screen, for example plenty of small icons, fonts, and also all the menus. Here is for example the original boot and switch off animations from DAHi:.

When I bought my Archos Jukebox a long time ago, I found out that some cool people reversed, hacked, decrypted and disassembled the firmware and some of the hardware of it, and produced from scratch a brand new open source firmware for all Archos mp3 players. This is a single color OLED, mpbiblu the technology can also be used to product full color displays. You can then paste these bytes at the exact place of the image that you want to replace inside the firmware.

I know, this page is a mess. This is a quick and easy mp to organize files by band or genre.

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Here are the first m3p submitted by a reader, Patrick, an evil smiley on my cube and a pirate icon on his cube: Overall, sound quality is not industry leading, but it is good. Update 2, feb 16 If the modified fw. Standard buttons like these are not as elegant as the controls on something like the iPod, but they are very easy to use.

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After painfully understanding what is the format of the images embedded in the firmware, I discovered by chance that it’s exactly the same that is used in Nokia cell phones. The Cube can download and subscribe to podcasts using the tool at www.

Two official accessories resound with the “Cube” design. Using the Cube is not much unlike any other non-iPod MP3 player on the market. Once you have modified the file, just put it back in the “mp3 update” directory, and update your firmware. Find inside the firmware the image you want to change, and the exact position of its bytes see below for some already determined oneswith a Nokia viewing tool like FlashView v1.

Replace exactly the bytes encoding the old image with the new ones, using an hexadecimal editor. I indicate if there is a damn DEDE inside the bytes you will have to paste:.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the above paragraph, I don’t either. It happened to me.

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