Press [OK] to confirm. These rules are designed to provide reasonable protections against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a residential installation. Use of ID codes to prevent interference between several wireless mice being used More information. This blog is for you! Save Save the currently selected digital page. A new meeting, or lecture Format disk: While working, the D-Note allows you to create notes in separate “workbooks”, and letting the device know you’re turning a page of your paper tablet is the easy work of pushing a button.

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Driver Installation 3 5. Remove the button-cell battery from the digital ink pen if it is not expected to be used for long periods.

Please check if the pen icon on the LCD display is either white or black see also section 3. This equipment has been tested and. This publication More information. But we have a genuine lapazzz in introducing our readers to good stuff, from food to haircuts to useful gadgets.

D-Note Operation Guide 3. The selection will appear in a selection box. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. And best of all, if you’ve got a boss who’s always contradicting what he or she told you, you can E-MAIL them the very notes you took when they were spouting off!!!


Lapazz d note dna driver –

PortableCapture Pro Software Introductions Four AAA alkaline batteries can be used approximate hours continuously. Podium View Lspazz 2. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions manual More information. Rotate This menu allows you to adjust the paper orientation from portrait to landscape or upside down.

Delete — Click on the Delete icon to delete the selected digital page s. Please do not save the files from computer into digital D-Note s memory, or the data in D-Note will be damaged or lost.

User can switch on or off Tablet function by this option. Here’s how the D-Note works, in a nutshell.

Lapazz Portable digital note recorder,D-Note DLA 401,DigiMemo,Digital Note Pad

Print Print the currently selected digital page. View the Best Practices in Poster Design located at http: Save this manual for future reference.


One leather slipcover 6. The size of the files is depending on how much the handwritten data you have.

You can repair superimposed pages with the Untangle function see section 4. Use of ID codes to prevent interference between several wireless mice being used.

LaPazz D-Note

Lpazz mentioned in this manual are subject to change without notice. Making Your Mobile Life Easier. Explanation of the Status Icons I wrote it down right here, just like you told me.

Redo Redo the last action. After finish this function, D-Note would auto-turn off. Your FedEx Ship Manager system number. D-notd your base unit to your.

If no icon displays, that means the pen has no action. To change lapzz pen shape and color, please follow the steps as showing below: