Despite this setback, I consider it a good sign that there are now two USB 3. Nov 12, 4: The drive spun up, the lights came on, but nothing else happened. Then, you’ll need a free driver, which can be downloaded here. I purchased everything else mentioned. Same with USB 2.

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Naturally, we used a FireWire to adapter cable in order to make the latter compatible with our Mac Pro test system.

First off, you’ll need a new piece of hardware: Ask a question Reset. LaCie did this because we could test the compatibility with our products but can not confirm interoperability with other USB 3. Foxconn says it won’t staff Wisconsin plant with workers from China. There’s good news and bad news here: Thanks to a stroke of genius that may only ever be understood within the lairs of Cupertino, the newest unibody MacBook Pro units all have an SD card slot in place of the ExpressCard slot the gargantuan inch MBP notwithstandingso for once, it pays to have yesteryear’s best rather than today’s.


For one, installation on a Mac Pro couldn’t be simpler. Gorgeous platformer ‘Gris’ arrives December 13th. When looking at the 9.

d2 USB 3 + USB 3 PCI Express Card

Posted on Nov 11, 3: Background and tools you’ll need Just to refresh those who completely slept through November 4ththere actually is a way to get USB 3. Pleased that LaCie released their driver to the world, I was anxious to try it out for myself. I’ve logged a support call with them but they don’t appear to be very quick to respond. Nov 12, 4: Let’s have a look. Not the answer I wanted but the answer nevertheless.

Ladie adapters have one big advantage: Then, you’ll need a free driver, which can be downloaded here. I have a quad core mac pro bought running OS So, there are cards that are working.

LaCie has released a free driver that supports every current USB 3. I imagine other companies Belkin?

Infotech 24 7 Question: They have every right to lock it down, but the way they did it is foolish. Nov 12, 5: Jan 17, 3: The best laptops to give as gifts.


d2 USB 3 + USB 3 PCI Express Card | LaCie US

And how do I check mca I have a free slot to install the 3. The speed increases are obvious and very real in use, and if you’re eager to make the leap, at least you have a legitimate option now that doesn’t involve switching to Windows assuming you’re a Mac user, of course.

Care to see how it stacked up against USB 2. Nov 19, 5: Also, we should point out that the 2big USB 3.

As for test files? Once you reboot after the driver installation, you’ll never remember that you’re using a LaCie-issued driver to talk to your LaCie USB 3. Mind you, this support only extends to OS X