It is listed as SMB compliant and provides folder level security. By LaCie had won awards for industrial design for every external storage product they introduced. Oregon , Paris , How to reboot the Ethernet Disk: Home Edition and Internet Space. These three “toaster” drives were manufactured in gravity-cast, hand polished aluminium and gained their nickname because of a passing resemblance to s chrome toasters.

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He then hired the world-famous Porsche Design company to design a product range which would become best-sellers for LaCie between Connect to a network drive with WebDAV. I spent 2 NSLU2 offers the flexibility easily swap out drives, add a second drive, or use the other port for a network printer 3 the EcoDrive aggressively spins down so when you aren’t using Sonos, your HD is not just spinning away for nothing.

May I use my LaCie drive in another country? S.a.etyernet reason I bought it was that it was recommended by the Sonos dealer, though I’dalready established that it was probably the one I wanted anyway. InPhilippe Spruch commissioned an agency to identify the world’s “best known” design studio.

Setting Up Your LaCie Ethernet Disk | Seagate Support

The Playstation 3 reports ‘unsupported min for some files after updating firmware. Data storagecomputer displays. Bought it because of the low power consumption. The most important feature is that it will automatically spin down disks after configurable minutes of no accesses. It has GB port on it but I am slightly disappointed with the transfer speeds I get as they are not really any faster than MB on the Buffalo.


At the very least, you should use a ss.a.ethernet connection between the two drives and your computer.

It has a small form factor and a watt power supply. Anybody know anything about this? This unit had no auto-sleep that I could get to work and ran hot no fan.

Ethernet Disk mini

Continued use of our website indicates your consent to our usage of cookies. I was a bit wary as to weather or not it would be compatable but it is so I can recommend it to anyone who is on the look djsk.

I do have the data on another box too. One drive can be used or two drives can be used in total or in RAID 0 stripe or 1 mirror. Just ordered the Buffalo Linkstation Live gb. Support rows Support Support. The mybook will then be used as a backup to the buffalo, but s.a.erhernet believe I have to reformat it before it can be connected.

Identifying my Power Supply. USB storage does not automatically map to a share. Home edition and Internet Space with a web browser.


Get an old pc, we all have themdusk to “freenas.

Ethernet Disk mini 10/100

I used an old Dell that was running ME. And easy to pick for travelling. Bythe company had outgrown its small beginnings and moved to new square meter premises in rue Watt, also in Paris.

Initial install for Ethernet Disk Mini: No articles available for this product. Speaker sets Products Accessories Learn Support. Retrieved November 1, Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Unable to create new shares on Ethernet Disk Mini: IP configurator shows that the disk has been configured, but s.a.etherneet not allow connection.