I show you some exceptions and what can be the problems. You should test without scrolling through the ResultSet. You can get bytes from a timestamp field that can be read with the methods getBytes, getString or getBinaryStream. Don’t add additional properties! Object can be bound You have not set the name of the Datasource Driver correctly!

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Connection Pooling with i-net OPTA, i-net MERLIA and i-net SEROPTO

You can find more information about this topic in the file View the Manual and the current Release Changes. If you call getObject on a column that is a timestamp column in the SQL Server then you get a binary object.

After this exception add the new driver. Contact us by email.

Borland Application Server

In standard configuration ANSI strings in double quotes are interpreted as identifiers. Ner us by email. When you have found the critical transaction you need to verify the order of your SQL expression whether it can produce a deadlock.

If you have a standalone application and you want to use a different driver that supports ConnectionPoolDataSource or DataSource then the solution with PoolManager and PDataSource is the best solution. Be sure you have set the name correctly. If you use jbdc application server like J2EE then you should use the enviroment of the application with the XADataSource see sample sample.


You need to change the subprotocol in your source code sample PooledDriver.

This work only with SQL Server since version 6. You can find out about this: If you use another driver other than i-net software then you must register both drivers.

There are no major differences like performance or feature. This problem can occur in one of the following causes: If you make mistages idbc the installation than you get some exceptions in this window. The method executeQuery always uses cursors with this fetch size.

Type 4 drivers work on all operating systems with a JVM. Change the data type of the table and jxbc mode that the table values have a equals or higher precedence. Both solutions are for a standalone application.

How can I map a connection in another program part? The KeepAliveTime describes the time after a Socket.

You can check the version of your JVM with: You can check the texts and make sure you employ the correct driver version. You need to test the performance on the console.


This allows a direct call from the client machine to the DBMS server and is a practical solution for Intranet access. This can be used if you can not see the default PrintStreams. You need to use the JDBC subprotocol inetdae7 or inetdae7a. If you use the SQL Server 6. This subprotocol has a very good support for the nXXX data types. This is not helpful.

You can find out about this:. You can find the same text in the file TdsConnection.

You should montior the running time with System. This exception occurs if you use a forward only or read only cursor.