Also known as a Texas, or traditional piledriver, this is the classic and original piledriver technique. The piledriver is generally considered a dangerous maneuver in wrestling because of the potential impact on the head and compression of the neck. In a variation of the move, the second wrestler jumps off the turnbuckle while pushing the opponent’s feet downward for even more damage, this is well known as a spike piledriver not to be confused with a one-man spike piledriver. Archived from the original PDF on It’s also used by Brian Cage who calls it the Drill Claw. The wrestler then jumps up and drops down to a seated position, driving the opponent’s head down to the mat between the wrestler’s thighs.

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Jerry Lawler Eric Cohen, About. Cody Rhodes uses this as a finishing maneuver on the independent scene calling it “Dins Fire”.

Piledriver (professional wrestling)

Any double-team move in which one wrestler help another to perform a piledriver on an opponent by pushing down on the opponent’s foot for more impact. The act of performing a piledriver is called “piledriving.

Famously, this move was popularized by The Undertaker as his “Deadman” finisher, and its name is related to his gimmick. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was often used to setup an opponent for his finishing move, a diving headbutt from the top turnbuckle. In this piledriver, a wrestler will bend his opponent forward, placing the opponent’s head between the wrestler’s legs a standing head scissorsand hooks each of the opponent’s arms behind the opponent’s back.

A wrestler faces an opponent and grabs the opponent’s waist and turns them upside-down, holding them belly-to-belly against their torso.

ByAustin’s doctors told him that he risked permanent disability if he did not retire, and he finally did so in April Similar to a wheelbarrow facebuster but instead of dropping their opponent face first, they drop their opponent so that the opponent lands on their upper back and neck between the legs of the wrestler, facing towards them usually resulting in a pin. The piledriver is generally considered a dangerous maneuver in wrestling because of the potential impact on the head and compression of the neck.


Because of the dangers of the piledriver, it is classed as a foul and is illegal in mixed martial arts under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

This variant can be used tombstoone other types of piledrivers; including the cradle tombstone piledriver variation, instead of wrapping both of his arms around the waist of the opponent, the wrestler wraps one arm around the waist and places his other arm between the opponent’s legs, grabbing hold of his other arm.

Sami Callihan has named his version the Cactus Driver in honor of Cactus Jackafter Mick Foley who popularized the move expressed his approval of Callahan’s move on Twitter. The wrestler then drops down to their knees, driving the opponent down to the mat neck and shoulder first. Ttombstone from the original PDF on A piledriver is a professional wrestling driver move in which the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him doubld, and drops into a sitting or kneeling position, pipedriver the opponent head-first into the mat.

The wrestler then drops to a sitting position. The move was popularized by Hwho called it H Thunder. It was most famously used by Gregory Helms who called the move the Vertebreaker. They then lift the opponent up on their chest so that they are facing downwards.

Piledriver (professional wrestling) – Wikipedia

The wrestler then falls or jumps to his knees, driving the opponent’s head into the mat. It’s also used by Brian Cage who calls it the Drill Claw.

This technique is extremely dangerous, possibly one of the most dangerous maneuvers in professional wrestling, as the opponent’s arms are restrained and their head is not placed between the wrestler’s legs, giving them little to post doube. There is also an inverted version of the move in which an attacking wrestler reaches between an opponent’s legs with one arm and reaches around that opponent’s back from the same side with his other arm before lifting their opponent upside down into a belly-to-belly position.


Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: In a match between Owen Hart and Stone Cold Steve AustinHart was to perform a seated reverse piledriver on Austin, who later said that he was not sure tombsfone the move was a good idea to perform as he was unsure if his head could properly be protected.

The proper way to execute the move, in most cases, is for the wrestler performing the move to tuck the opponent’s head between his legs before falling to the mat there are variations that are performed differently, as the list below indicates.

The piledrivver is then lowered while being held so that the opponent’s head is hanging between the standing wrestler’s knees. Also known as the Tiger Driver ‘ Professional wrestling moves Banned sports tactics. Boston crab Nelson hold Pin Sharpshooter. From here the attacking wrestler brings the opponent down into the belly-to-belly position before then sitting down for a reverse piledriver with the opponent’s head impacting the mat between the legs of the attacking wrestler.

A variation of the piledriver piledrivsr instead of dropping to a sitting position as in the basic piledriverthe wrestler drops to a kneeling position. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.