Dimage EX Zoom digital camera, and a whole line of film scanners covering everything from APS to 35mm, to medium-format photography. But the driver does not work. Here, you can specify any element of the scanning resolution or image size, and the other parameters will follow in lockstep where appropriate. What excactly have you installed successfully? Perfect for adding favorite photos to a digital format, the scanner creates dynamic images from multiple mediums. Thanks on beforehand, regards, Joris.

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A few scanning tips

Start by using the most intuitive feature, “Pixel Polish,” a more sophisticated tool than “Auto Image Correction. The Beauty of Autumn. This can only make it better than the Dual II. What excactly have you installed successfully?

The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II film scanner

On a Windows machine, you’ll need to have an interface card installed. Any Condition Any Condition. Big kudos to Minolta for including such a powerful image-editing program with their scanner! Show More Show Less.

How I Installed the 2003 Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV 35mm Film Scanner in Windows 10

There are even eyedroppers. With the film inside, the whole assembly is inserted into the front of the scanner. You can rotate selected frames upright, or mirror flip them, or reverse their order for APS cameras that wind backwards. Don’t get us wrong, PhotoDeluxe is an excellent program, but is clearly targeted at the casual user.

In practice, you’ll find that the eyedropper controls offer a very quick way to color-balance many problem images in a matter of seconds. Look at the sample images, download them, print them out dimzge your own printer, and decide for yourself how well the Dimage Scan Dual would meet your requirements! With the pattern facing one way, we got sharp results, but decidedly blurry ones with it facing the other.


The scaled output print size is shown if the Units are selected as inches or cm, instead of pixels. Part of the beauty of the Dimage Scan’s histogram screen is the way it shows histograms for all three color channels separately, yet also allows you to operate on all the channels at the same time, if you wish. Additional Product Features Focus Option. The midpoint of the histogram is Gamma too, shown numerically there.

If you want a great scanner at an even xual price, in my opinion this product will suite both the casual user and professional quite adequately. To eliminate any remaining spots, plan to use the cloning brush in Photoshop Elements 2.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

Create new account Request new password. Do note that Pixel Polish, as well as the dust and grain control features, extend scanning time by about 15 seconds each. The standard unit can scan 35mm negatives or slides, in either black and white or color.

The automatic “Dust Removal” tool removes some specks, but not others. Here, the current contents of your cropping frame are displayed in the center of a matrix of images, with those around the edges of it representing the effects of more or less contrast or brightness.

New Drivers  L1510BF DRIVER

Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Overall color accuracy was excellent, with color saturation just a notch away from the very best we’ve seen san date January, Our one quibble with the Dimage Scan Dual’s film handling and a minor one at that was that the slide holder didn’t allow you to insert the slide all the way into the carrier in a single step: Review the duxl manual for specifics on how to make a pre-scan and on how to access dua, employ the many features to achieve any desired effect.

The dimge box shown around the 3 rd index image indicates it was selected by clicking it with the mouse. It’s a Great Value!

We felt that this feature was marred slightly though, by the fact that the enlarged image is only a pixel-replicated copy of the original area, which can lead to rather pixelated images if your cropping frame is small relative to the overall film area. I did use last two years Great film scanner for best price.

This and all screen shots following have been scaled-down to better fit the ‘web page — The actual screens are larger and more readable!