In all fairness I don’t see anyone slamming the for its lack of features or anything so maybe its best to stick to the basics other than trying to tear others down. Just having fun no harm meant: I mean how is anyone who still uses this in their setup supposed to making any valid decisions as how to proceed without fully knowing their options. There was a time when many people and some people still do considered ANYTHING with small jog wheels “toys” in that there are no platters to manipulate the music with. I say go for it. I think you are on the right course with suggesting a paid update though.

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Again this is not targeted at anyone here and is just meant to be food for thought.

Moderator, Denon employee response: To change this value: Perfect world everyone gets what they want but obviously for a business db succeed they must only get involved with endeavors that will turn a profit. I urge you guys to please consider the Feature request.

SDJ has its catching up to do in the stability dept but it is clear they are on the right track and things will only be getting better. I will continue to track this discussion, but letting Denon know your thoughts is also a good idea too. The amount of people who wanted the keylock fixed was staggering and yet still nothing was done. Then press the MEMO button once more to save and exit.


Now we would have to go back to scratch live instead of all the features serato DJ offers. I don’t personally know any DJ’s who use rack mount anymore but then again I don’t know everyone and can only speak for the dj scene in ny and Florida.

They are as they come.

Denon Dn-hc USB Midi DNHC Controller | eBay

On top of this there are other current feature requests that have not yet been implemented that have generated more than the 15 unique on day one. I’m a Dj with over 30 years in the business and i’ve played with almost everything from vinyl to MP3’s.


If they are willing to potentially lose those customers by making a very difficult yet necessary decision of cutting them I am certain they wouldn’t even be phased by deciding to cut the They are no more required to support any of the gear with SDJ then they were required to support it with Itch. Keep our fingers crossed. I really want the hc to be the solution.

LOL just teasing I know it’s not quite that simple. I say go for it.


I am sure since the creation of this thread there have been a few who have since upgraded too so the more the merrier no?


Hey musiclee remember the Rane MP4 issue “poof” its gone. As we dj already spoken about this at length: The best solution is to upgrade to Windows 7 which does not have this problem.

I wish they jc come on here and at the very least say the inevitable. I know it is easy to call the new devices “toys” because they are unfamiliar to you but please remember two things.

Denon Dn-hc4500 USB Midi DNHC4500 4500 Controller

How many mic inputs does the AMX mixer have? Also, I would prefer to describe it as an agreement rather than “approval”. If you do not believe me ask around, take a poll etc.

My SL3 denoj somewhere between old stuff. If they hadn’t received the support when they did who knows if they even would have If I remember correctly.

Just figured you had missed his response as he was “speed responding” in that post LOL. I also have a feeling the feedback as a whole that will fail to arise from this decision will ultimately reveal why this was a necessary reality.

Vibrant tube hd with 2-line character text support.