A warning message as displayed below will appear. Windows will display the Search and Installation options. See the following screen shot. Finding them is unfortunately a hit and miss process. Information contained on this page is for the exclusive use of the ProCAT users.

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Windows will display the Search and Installation options. Device Manager Setting after Driver Update.

Reading Flash Card on Windows

I will choose the driver to install ” option. Finding them is unfortunately a hit and miss process. These cards are carr for software upgrades and diagnostics.

Data cards, used only for storing configurations and bitmaps, may be any size so long as there is 20 percent headroom above the total configuration and bitmap size for directory and other information. For some reason many computers will refuse to recognize SRAM cards as readable media.

Windows will display the “Hardware Update Wizard. Power up your computer, allow all drivers to settle. How do you read a Flash Card on Windows ? The above procedure installs the necessary devices. Shut down your computer. Because lithium ion rechargeables are used rather than nickel cadmium, there is no need to completely drain the batteries before starting a new charge cycle.


Insert you Stenocard into a card slot Wait ventennial the “Hardware installation wizard” to appear Select the option to “Display a list of available drivers.

Click the Device Manager button to view the list of devices installed in your computer. In other words, you must boot your computer memor the card in the drive. Please rate the quality of the material on scale of 1 to Four to six hours in a host device constitutes a full charge which is specified to last for 9 months.

It is important to “disallow” the automatic “Search for a suitable driver” option. The following instructions installs the correct driver for this device.

PCMCIA SRAM Cards for UPSAC-Public

Therefore, give you PC enough time to load all its drivers when you power up your computer. Windows does not properly initiate the PC-Card driver when a card is not present at the boot up.

Following screen shot depicts the Device Manager window. Click on the Driver tab. The following instructions only apply to computers with Windows The following window will appear: The boot card does not use a standard PC format.


Different format utilities come up with some irregular formats which may not be compatible with Unison. Select the “Centennial Technologies, Inc.

SRAM, Linear Flash, PCMCIA, PC Cards, Memory, Win 32

Select Memory Technology Driver. When you centwnnial your computer, Centennail boots up first, then it loads all the user defined drivers. The following requirements must be met to be able to read your card from a PC slot: Are you currently using Winner?

When possible, if you don’t have to format them in a laptop to get it to recognize the card data cards should be formatted in the UPSAC processor, not the PC.

If a card is recognized, My Computer window cetnennial display an icon for the newly installed removable driver. Microsoft included a third-party driver for the Windows and XP platforms on their distribution media. This is always a good rule to practice.