These have a general purpose flat plastic front bezel, its not the exact Toshiba C50 shape but it should do the job. FlextraLink and FlextraSpeed technologies are present to prevent the buffer underrun problems and ensure the burning quality. Leave this field blank. The drive came with v0. The pictures below come from Nero when nonX certified blank media was inserted.

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Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: This also burns and plays CDs. The transfer rate will continue to increases until the drive reaches its maximum writing speed, and then maintains a constant rate comparable to that of CLV technology. After having already tested two upcoming 52X recorders we were pleased to see another manufacturer shipping a drive with same specs 52X writing, 24X re-writing, 52X reading.

The drive is a November model with firmware revision v1. When the disc tray or disc is being accessed, the green light shines. Many manufacturers currently ship 48X-recording solutions, while the next generation of 52X recorders make its appearance in the market.

RW-Packet Writing Tests Error Correction Tests 5. CD Drive taken from old computer. As soon as enough cache data is refilled in, the pickup head repositions itself to the marker and restarts the recording.


When an illegal disc is loaded or some hardware trouble occurs, the indicator blinks quickly. You can swap the bezel from your old drive plus the little rear bracket. With other media the average writing speed were from FlextraLink uses minimal system resources so the PC remains full operational and available for other applications even during recording process. The writing quality and the wide media compatibility is probably one of the most important features of the upcoming 52X recorders.

On the other hand, no extra links will be crs5224 during the recording process of a CAV drive that runs at a constant rotation speed, allowing a smooth transferal to higher speeds. You can swap the bezel from your old drive.


With the beta firmware, the drive worked always at the maximum speed zopen without the special ‘Turbo’ mode. A CAV drive also features minimum recording time and higher average recording speed. Rainier implementation is present. Nero Info Tool also reports that retrieving of C2 error information is supported but its accuracy would be examined later.


AOpen internal IDE cd rom drive – 5.

rs Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. Also the AI Auto Speed Adjustment Technology helps the drive function in the best status and adjusts its reading speed in accordance with the quality of a variety of certified media in different formats when reading them. There was a performance drawback with the latest v0.

AOPEN CRW IDE 52x24x52x Cd-rw Drive- Cream Bezel | eBay

The drive is based upon MediaTek chipsets. The read head of a Z-CLV drive stops writing data, and buffer underrun happens every time when the motor changes speeds.

After removing the screws on the button we can easily see the drive’s internal design attention this voids your warranty! Laptop DVD writer burner. Show only see all. As Nero CD Speed reviled, the drive starts writing at High Quality DVD burner player writer.

Readable Format s see all. What code is in the image?