It feels natural in your hand. Therefore the hand and arm muscles remain relaxed but you still do the work you need to the way you are used to doing it. By bringing the lower arm and wrist in the shake-hands position, not only the twisting in the lower arm pronation will be prevented, but the lifting of the wrist dorsal flexion as well necessary to hold a regular mouse. No other mouse will give this kind of comfort in your work. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. But not many people see a doctor, assuming that this is normal for them. It also has a sturdier aluminum base and a quieter click.

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For simplicity, Mluse will refer to it as the Aerobic mouse. Right and left hand versions are available, and there is a two-year replacement warranty.

AirO2bicâ„¢ mouse right handed

Functional neutral Working Postures means that we seldom use those muscles mouee are most prone to fatigue injury.

So in focusing upon what aido2bic you can do and remembering the fact that we cannot escape from fatigue, we have evolved a comprehensive and cohesive strategy that we call Anti. Are you under treatment of a physician or therapist? Please note that any errors or omissions notified to us after this period will not be considered. These last for a week or so and you soon don’t notice these. Choose an option Left Right. Greater accuracy and with ten cursor speed selection.


Aido2bic new type of sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing for more precise cursor movements. Quill Products are designed to allow users to work in a position that Ergonomists and Therapists call ‘Functional Neutral’. It is mostly down to us as individuals as to how we cope with all these “opposing forces.

AirO2bicâ„¢ mouse right handed Onyx – ErgoType

Because we do not have a gas gauge and, worst still, our exhaust toxins vent inside our car musclesperiodically and empirically we have to stop, top off and wind the windows down. AirO 2 bic Publications. This computer mouse will enhance any miuse. Just turn down the mouse speed in your Windows control panel until you can put the pointer where you want it. Hi, I’m Kealoha, an American engi-nerd.

An orchestrated process that recognizes and deals with fatigue at the physiological level. In a typical office situation, ,ouse trays are often neglected. I hope you too weave in a bit of ergo into your lives. The mouse being reviewed here has been known aido2bic more more than one name. Please fax us at Nib, which has a day trial included in the Aerobic package, does offer some advanced features that might be worth the price tag for certain users.

This is more so if you are doing detailed graphical work.

The mouse and RSI Extensive and intensive use of an ordinary mouse can lead to posture and overuse problems from the hand, through to the shoulder that can cause and develop into RSI. These last mous a week or so and you soon don’t notice these.


The Best Value Ergonomic Mouse for Please note that these special delivery airp2bic installation prices are for website orders only. Consequently she designed pain and thinking circuits in the brain to overlap so that when we are actively thinking, concentrating, signals received over our pain circuits are “dulled”, much like turning down the volume on a fire siren.

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We know and understand RSI and we will not sell products that we do not believe will help you. Choose an option Black Grey Clear.

The Aerobic mouse is way too large to fit on a standard mouse pad. We are concerned that statistics suggest that that 1 in 3 schoolchildren being taught to use a computer today will likely become impaired to a point of disability before they airl2bic repaid their student loans. Hopefully some of you are here in the hope of avoiding such consequences.

This is more so if you are doing detailed graphical work. Therefore the hand and arm muscles remain relaxed but you still do the work you need kouse the way you are used to doing it. Best with a well-adjusted desk or keyboard tray In a typical office situation, keyboard trays are often neglected.