On the Print Test Page dialog box, select No. In addition, PSF does the following: If the media named by your job is shown as loaded in a tray, note the bin number associated with that tray. To change to the directory on the PC where PC is located, type the following: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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This is what you want. Browse for the source file name, which is the name of the file that you generated when you “printed” through the IBM AFP printer driver from your Windows application. Post as a guest Name.

IBM Creating AFP Resources Using the IBM AFP Printer Drivers – United States

This will cause your overlays and page segments to position incorrectly or be clipped. To begin the FTP, do the following: Browse for the library where you want the resource stored. Again, the Help text is very valuable for making clipping decisions. The form definition resource specifies the bin number to use to print each page of the job. Ensure that your Output type matches your desired output. The name must follow standard iSeries member naming convention, and the extension must be.

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Document information More support for: Click that button, and then check the “Print as Image” box. If you are designing a logo, keep the following in mind.

Print AFP file to printer on Windows

United States English English. Job prints on incorrect media using an AFP printer If AFP prihter is installed and your job was sent to an AFP printer, where it printed on the wrong paper for example green instead of blue paperyou might need to update some job or printer properties.

The Clip Limits are really specifying that the AFP driver is selectively choosing which portion of the printed document or image pdinter be used as the page segment. You will be asked if you want this driver to be the Windows default printer. Select Option 22 Work with overlays. Home Products Download Support License.

In AFP, page elements such as text, images, bar codes, page segments, and overlays, pritner be specified in any order at any position in the page. As professional AFP creation software, AFP Printer Driver gives businesses the means to effectively deliver existing business documents to partners, customers and employees. Find the Media property on the Scheduling tab and make sure it lists the correct media name.

I did not say it cannot be printed it is in fact its main purpose: Picture editing applications often do not have the layout options necessary to format a printout. Affpds Product Search Search. Look for evidence that someone used the Correct media action to change the job media value after you submitted the job.


Email Required, but never shown. If a spooled file does not print due to a printer problem such afods a paper jam, PSF retransmits the affected pages when the problem at the printer is corrected.

Overview of AFP printing

PSF accepts various data streams, transforms these data streams into the data stream required by each printer, and then transmits the data to the printer.

Many of the page elements you can use with AFP are special objects called resources. If you specify a value for the Media property of the job, it must match a value for the Media supported on the prinetr before Ricoh ProcessDirector can schedule the job to the printer. If you are creating a page segment, ensure that you select the Output Type of page segment and then click Clip Limits to bring up those options as well. Select Option 23 Work with page segments. Determining whether PSF is required.

What it can do? Select Option 6 Print next to the overlay. On the operating system command line, type the following: