The LG S delights us here with degrees. The Intel Core 2 Duo T has two cores with 2. Thus, the left wrist-rest just heats up to 26 degrees in idle mode. It was a consumer The Core 2 Duo T 2 x 2.

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The reader even recognizes xD memory cards and can be well accessed and seen due to its good positioning. But then nothing works without the 90 watt adapter. The expensive, but specified as more modest, P is apparently not used for pricing reasons.

Would you use this site again?: The hard disk can easily be removed. You can read what the mini-machine, currently available for euro, is capable in this comprehensive review. Thus, there’s no place for cables and interfaces. The surface is insensitive to light scratching tries or fingerprints.

The Intel Core 2 Duo T has two cores with 2. A plus of processor performance to carry around in a small case?

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The LG S’s case is inconspicuous, resistant and stable enough to even survive transporting without a notebook case permanently. The synaptic pad V6.


However, the potential S owner will have to accept the, for modern subnotebook relations, short battery life of a good three hours and an outdoor unsuitable glare display. CBMAG is small and ordinary.

Acer Acerpower S E However, a such high power requirement only applies to the stress test. The notebook below is a 14 inch ThinkPad Laan S has the rare resolution of x as the screen size A webcam is also included, nothing’s standing in the way of a video chat We find an empty SIM card slot underneath the battery. No matter which settings we choose in the audio enhancer, the surround sound doesn’t appear and the sound doesn’t improve.

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The MSRP was around euro. The small 12 inch case emits the processor’s 35 watts and the graphic card’s 11 watts from the case without heat or noise damage.

The display’s brightness is sufficient for office use. Keyboard One thing first: The case has a very high torsional stiffness ; especially the wrist-rest barely yields under strong pressure. We’ll clarify these and more questions in the following review.

The manufacturer doesn’t use any modern variety of a chiclet keyboard but builds in a traditional keyboard. Touchpad The touchpad is notably separated from the wrist-rest by a ledge.


We established 44 degrees in the area of the fan’s heat pipe after a high load. As much as we bend and tear, the case doesn’t warp. The matt and partly structured surface is pleasant. A Core 2 Duo T keeps the computation artist on the move. A reason for the low rate is that PCMark Vantage constantly crashed in the memory test.

The stereo speakers underneath the wrist-rest fail in media use. The loudspeakers have a high volume, but contortions turn up in powerful music pieces.

The user has to find an especially shadowy place to protect himself particularly against direct sunlight and reflections.

As soon as the subnotebook gets some work for a short time, no matter if it’s a load for the graphic card or the processor, the fan turns up evidently.